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Guangzhou Tin Tak Medicine Company Limited is a subsidiary wholly owned by Hong Kong Tin Tak Group, which stationed in Hong Kong, business nature include production of bird’s nest, medicinal herbs delicacies and upscale food supplement. In early 90’s, Tin Tak was the first Hong Kong funded enterprise that invested in the production of rock-sugar bird’s nest serial products in Guangdong Zhuhai and Panyu, with major production equipments are imported from Germany and Japan. Raw materials are imported direct from Hong Kong. The product packing design and brand image was developed by premier designers of Hong Kong, causes the company’s branding strategy in the high scale, bright and outstanding quality. 80 percent of the packing are printed in Hong Kong in order to prevent fake products and obtain high quality control. By the control of high level monitoring system, we maintain a quality mechanics of materials logistics, production equipment, product design, packaging and printing, production process quality control, and staff training. For past ten years, Tin Tak continued to achieve the standard of the related national department examination and quality assurance; and honorly awarded a “Top 10 most favourable healthy products by the domestic consumer”. In 2003, Tin Tak made a major investment on the workshop transformation and extension, established an advanced production and quality control system, adopted the Good Manufacturing Practice authentication (GMP), also obtained the GMP certificates for Health Foods in 2003 and for Medicine in 2007.
Tin Tak (Hong Kong) Medicine Company Limited is a member of Hong Kong Chinese Medicine Merchants Association and Hong Kong Retail Management Association. The chain store – Tin Tak Swallow’s Nest Gift Shop, enjoys the high reputation in the field which set-up along the route in MTR, honorly awarded the “Quality Tourism Services (QTS)” and “No Fakes” commendation from Hong Kong Tourism Board and Intellectual Property Department. Ten years ago, Tin Tak’s business were started in places such as Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Hunan setting up more than 100 retail-counters, main retailing the American natural ginseng, American ginseng, bird’s nest from Thailand and Indonesian, caterpillar fungus from Tibet, instant bird’s nest, rock sugar bird’s nest gift box series, prepared herbs in pieces, high quality shark fin, dehydrated seafood products as well as health foods – Tin Tak Essential Herbal Wine. All products are natural and healthy in fine quality. At the same time, the retail-counter introduced the administration and business model from Hong Kong, which provided high quality and specialized service to the mainland customers. Over years, Tin Tak retail-counter has had a superb popularity and loyalty.
Honest, genuine goods at reasonable prices, humanist and good services are basic policies in Tin Tak, it is our motto to devote and provide the healthy way to the people.

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